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Peritoneal Dialysis Care Program

For short-term rehab customers with kidney failure or other conditions that require renal support, our Peritoneal Dialysis program offers the highest level of care and flexibility.

With peritoneal dialysis, you have some important choices to make in treating your condition. Primarily, these involve whether to receive your dialysis at our center or give yourself treatments at home. However, peritoneal dialysis outside the center isn’t an option for everyone with kidney failure. Obviously, you will need full manual dexterity and the ability to care entirely for yourself or with the help of a reliable caregiver.

If you decide to treat yourself at home, it is especially important that you work closely with your health care team, which includes you and your family. Only by becoming fully informed about your treatment and working as a team can you achieve the best possible results and lead a full and active life.

For many, dialysis care at our center is the preferred option for a variety of reasons. Featuring expert clinical supervision by a Board Certified Nephrologist, the program includes:

  • Skilled dialysis unit nurses familiar with each individual’s condition and needs
  • Direct nursing interaction with nephrologist
  • Specially designed treatment setting
  • Individual treatment planning by a multi-disciplinary team
  • Specialized diets formulated by a registered dietician
  • Customer personal equipment use promotes convenience and confidence
  • Highly-trained, full-time staff
  • Comprehensive social service support