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Cancer Care

Both during and after treatment for various forms of cancer, the effects of the disease and the related treatments can produce any number of functional problems. In these instances, cancer survivors can often benefit from our integrated rehabilitation program designed to help them achieve their highest level of ability and quality of life.

To reach that goal, the OPIS team of nurses, therapists, clinical specialists and psycho-social professionals works directly with the customer’s oncologist to create and implement a personalized rehabilitation plan. Importantly, the plan addresses the customer’s current functional needs and adjusts as his or her care progresses.

Rehabilitation and clinical support services focus on minimizing the effects of immobility, restoring strength, flexibility and endurance, reducing fatigue, enhancing memory, concentration and cognitive skills, and relieving pain and may include —

  • Physical and occupational therapy
  • Therapeutic exercise
  • Nutritional management
  • Psychosocial counseling
  • Stress and pain management
  • Wound care

Whether the customer is newly diagnosed or has completed treatment, our long experience shows that the best outcomes are possible when comprehensive, targeted rehabilitation is made a part of the total recovery process.