Our Mission Stories

We invite you to read some of our testimonials (Mission Stories) below to see why Opis is the preeminent leader in post-acute care in the state of Florida. 


“My mother was at the center for a few years. I always knew she was at a safe and loving environment. The few occasions that I needed something changed that was not to my satisfaction, it was addressed. No place is perfect but Island Lakes gave my mom a place that was a home away from home.” 

–  Family Member


“Island Lake Center Nursing Home is nothing short of phenomenal!!! Every staff member from the office and receptionists, housekeeping to kitchen staff, the CNAs, nurses, and doctors are caring, loving and exceptional at their job. It is apparent that they love and respect their customers. The customers are groomed well and are kept clean and dressed nicely. My husband became a long term care customer several months ago due to the progression of Early Onset Alzheimer’s Disease. He is only 68 and is in his 5th year of the disease. The OT and PT staff are wonderful and worked very hard to keep my husband mobile until it was apparent that his brain was not communicating with his legs and arms enough to continue therapy. I consider it a great blessing from God to have been lead to Island Lake Center. And, the meals that are prepared are great, too. I eat with my husband almost every day. You would do well to check out Island Lake Center. A shout out to the recreation peeps!! They are a great big bundle of energy and awesomeness. I am SSOOO excited to have begun as a volunteer with them!!!”

                                                                                                                                                                     – Shirl Williams


“I am definitely thankful I came to Islands Lake Center…I was in the hospital for nearly three weeks before I was released to Island Lake Center for rehab. I was definitely uncertain about what kind of facility Island Lake Center was and what kind of therapy they had to offer. This was my first time going to a rehabilitation facility, so I had no idea what to expect. My goal was to ultimately get back home as soon as I could, and from talking with a few staff members while still in the hospital, I decided to try Island Lake Center. Upon admission, I was exceptionally impressed with how tentatively the staff listened to my goals and concerns. The nursing staff listened to my needs and addressed them as they came. I really appreciated the time they took to explain every detail of their daily nursing routine to me and kept me informed of all that was going on. The rehab department went above and beyond their job, even before I was admitted. When I was in the hospital room, the Rehab Director, Lyn, spoke to me for over thirty minutes on the phone explaining therapy, examples of exercise routines and the emphasis on individual therapy plans. They worked with me twice a day, even on the weekends, to ensure I was up to par to go home safely.  I always say there’s a difference between communication and effective communication and that is something Island Lake Center truly understands. It’s not just about listening to the customers, but actually following through with their questions and concerns to ensure the customer understands and is satisfied with the results. This is a trait that can either make or break a company, and I can proudly sat it’s a characteristic that makes Island Lake Center a truly great facility to be a part of. I’m very pleased at my results and the progress I made with therapy. I am definitely thankful I came to Islands Lake Center before my return back home and would recommend this facility to anyone needing rehab!”   

– Manuel Delucca


“The Rehab people absolutely rejoiced with my progress and the progress of many I had a total hip replacement in early December and then had 5 days of rehab in your facility. I own two companies so I am very aware of how a company works either well or not so well. I was absolutely impressed with all the people in the Administration, Nursing, and Rehabilitation departments which made my stay there both encouraging and helpful to my health. I was very worried about how I would progress in any facility after a surgery, but immediately I was comforted by the spirit of excellence in your staff. I watched a lot of nursing people there and saw how they acted to many older and frail patients. Many of these patients were somewhat “lost“ and “confused“. I fully expected the nurses and aides to work with an attitude of non-caring. I could not have been farther from the truth… I saw the aides & nurses patiently wash and dress these patients with a feeling of genuine concern and caring. It was wonderful to watch. The Rehab people absolutely rejoiced with my progress and the progress of many, many other patients. I was impressed with all the staff in all areas of the facility. You guys are DEFINITELY doing things right! I am pleased beyond measure with my progress and full recovery and am equally pleased that I chose Island Lake Center for my care.”

– Bill Bachmann